ATOM – 能量饮料

ATOM - ENERGY DRINK with big contents caffeine, taurine and vitamins.
ATOM energy drink is a functional beverage with well-balanced combination of ingredients. It has been specially developed for periods of increased mental or physical exertion for top athletes, hard-working professionals, active students or drivers on long journeys. It is recommended to drink up one bottle of ATOM energy drink 30 minutes before beginning of activity requiring concentration or before beginning of sport activity or game. The recommended daily dose, including one-shot consumption of energetic drink ATOM energy drink, should be convenient for individual intake of caffeine and it varies from individual to individual. One bottle of ATOM Energy Drink contains the same amount of caffeine as one cup of filtrated coffee.


Effects of ATOM Energy Drink:
- increases performance
- improves concentration and reaction speed
- increases vigilance
- improves the emotional balance
- stimulates metabolism
- ensures immediate supply of energy and vitamins

  Drink contains:
  Vitamine C
  Vitamines B6 (pyridoxín)
  Vitamines B1 (tiamín)
  Vitamines B2 (riboflavín)
  Nutrition information per 100 ml:
100 ml %RDA
0,75 g -
13,00 g -
19,50 g 32,5 %
7,00 g 39 %
2,20 mg 110 %
0,34 mg 24 %
0,50 mg 31 %
223 kj/53 kcal  

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