Company WELNEA SK, Ltd. brings to its partners gallon drinking regime. It is aimed at all consumers who prefer the returnable packaging before non-returnable packaging, or have other reasons to use the supply of gallon drinking regime.


For the need of fulfillment is used classic returnable packaging - a gallon of 18.9 liters, filled with high quality spring water Eurowater. On request of our partners, we can fill a gallon with mineral water Čerínska minerálka.

Water dispenser



In our offer we have electronic and compressor water dispensers, which are designed for households but also for large companies, which want to ensure the drinking regime for thousands of their employees.

Water dispenser with electronic cooling is designed more for the locations with a lower dispensing frequency (homes, offices, pharmacies, etc.). This is a simplified form of cooling. Power cooling is the same as the compressor cooling and the water is cooled to a temperature between 12-15 ° C.


Water dispensers with compressor cooling are working on the principle of cooling as a fridge. Compressor operation is very quiet. Water from this device is cooled to a temperature between 6 - 10 ° C. In addition to cooling, the water can be also heated. Water can be heated to a temperature 85 ° C. Cooling or heating can be switched off separately. This type of water dispenser is suitable for locations with an increased frequency of dispensing (hospitals, schools, dining rooms, production halls etc.).

Reliability of compressor water dispensers is much higher than electronic, therefore we recommend to our partners more the compressor water dispensers.




Sanitation of water dispensers is a complete disinfection of the external and internal waterways of the dispenser. First is mechanically removed any coating. Then is the device filled with a sanitary solution that works for some time. With a special device based on ozonation is secured a control of 100% efficiency of the sanitation. Finally is replaced the air filter and the device is cleaned from outside.


All work is performed by professionally trained staff that will make the record to the diary of water dispenser. Frequency of the sanitation depends on several factors and therefore is the sanitation based on individual agreement with customers.




Transport is provided by our vehicle to final destination. Transportation is free. Depending on your requirements, we can deliver the water maximum to 48 hours from the order.


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