Natural spring water enriched with L-carnitine

Natural spring water ELFEA is enriched with L-carnitine is a drink designed for young and active people who prefer a healthy lifestyle. Spring water ELFEA, and especially its component L - carnitine acts as a prevention of various diseases and is unique in the treatment of body weight.


ELFEA energize every cell provides more vitality and prolongs its lifetime. Also spring water ELFEA positively affects the heart, muscle, liver and nerve cells.

Chemical Composition



Cations mg/l
Na+ 4,50
NH4+ 0,05
Ca2+ 43,10
CHSK(Mn) 1,12
Fe < 0,09
Mn2+ < 0,005
Mg2+ 13,10
Pb2+ < 0,001
K+ 1,21
Total mineralization 184,00
Anions mg/l
Cl- 2,84
SO4 2- 9,13
NO2 - < 0,01
NO 3- 7,29
F- < 0,05

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Packing and Logistics Data



Packing 0.5 l PET
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Packing 1.5 l PET
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