Natural water with very low mineral content, orange flavour has a flavour of ripe oranges, best appreciated chilled with ice.


EUROWATER ORANGE flavour is filled into PET-material bottles – 0,33 l PET; 0,5 l PET; 1,5 l PET.
EUROWATER can be found in all chain Hypermarkets and Supermarkets such as TESCO STORES, KAUFLAND, CARREFOUR, HYPERNOVA, BILLA etc.

Chemical Composition



Cations mg/l
Ca2+ 78,00
Mg2+ 30,40
NA+ 5,17
K+ 0,53
Mn2+ 0,00
Ions < 0,15 mg/l
Total mineralization 382 mg/l
Anions mg/l
HCO3- 327,00
SO4 2- 37,10
NO3- 27,89
Cl- 17,00
F- 0,07
NO2- 0,00

Packing and Logistics Data



Packing 1.5 l PET
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