Natural spring water

Natural spring water WELNEA is with the most optimal chemical composition that meets the requirements of the modern era of a healthy lifestyle. This type of water is intended for every customer, from children, athletes, actively working people to seniors. Each category of customers appreciates the unique taste of water and great composition.


Every drop of spring water WELNEA brings joy to our body, refreshment and protects us from dehydration and negative effects of the current time.

Chemical Composition



Cations mg/l
Ca2+ 129,90
Mg2+ 30,70
NA+ 6,70
Fe2+ < 0,144
Total mineralization 727,00
Anions mg/l
Cl- 3,19
F- <0,05
SO2-4 7,80
NO-3 4,22
NO-2 <0,01

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Packing and Logistics Data



Packing 0.5 l PET
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Packing 1.5 l PET
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