Water – necessity of life


Our body can not exist without water. Our every cell contains water and 60% of our weight is formed by water (child’s body contains nearly 80% of water). The metabolism and energy flow is impossible without it. Water has thermo-regulating as well as movement-apparatus regulating functions in the body.

In case of neglected liquid intake, our body consequently releases signs such as loss of energy and tiredness, in order to achieve increased water intake. Should a person fail to do so and crosses this borderline (loss of 25% of liquid), the result can be a collapse of the body.

Lot of articles have been written about a type of water that is less or more beneficial for a human body. This fact helps promoting the type of water that the particular company brings to the market. The fact to the matter is that this answer is not clear even to the professional nutrition specialists. There is no definite line between the types of water that help one person and harm the other.


Slovakia is very lucky that the compound of both spring and mineral water found in this country is very beneficial. Most of them stay within the general mineral content of 3000 mg/l diluting articles. Drinking this water regularly does not cause a healthy person any health problems or risks. A person with health problems and some illnesses and conditions should consult their doctor before regular consumption of any mineral or spring water.

Media and advertisement campaigns are full of daily reminder of the importance of a certain levels of minerals in our diet whether in tablets or mineral-enriched food. Mineral water as well as spring water offer these minerals in the most pure and natural form straight from the “mother nature”. Only the nature can provide us with this exceptional form of energy without any side effects on our body.

Other nations would sacrifice anything in order to have this natural “treasure” of mineral and spring water. We will eventually realize what is well known elsewhere – one day, the world will pay “gold” for crystal-clear natural water.

Therefore, Čerínska mineral water and spring water EUROWATER wishes you every day “cheers” to health with a sip of pure water.

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