Natural spring water enriched with oxygen (O2)

Natural spring water OMNIA enriched with oxygen (O2) is a drink designed to protect our body against the civilization effects. It is intended for people who want to do something good for their health and to strengthen their body.


The oxygen in the drink helps to eliminate stress, improves memory, concentration, cleans the blood and slows down ageing process, allows to reduce the weight without the help of drugs. The Oxygen also reduces the negative effects of pollution and environmental pollution, and calms down the nervous system.

Chemical Composition



Cations mg/l
Ca2+ 78,00
Mg2+ 30,40
NA+ 5,17
K+ 0,53
Mn2+ 0,00
Ions < 0,15 mg/l
Total mineralization 382 mg/l
Anions mg/l
HCO3- 327,00
SO4 2- 37,10
NO3- 27,89
Cl- 17,00
F- 0,07
NO2- 0,00

Information for download



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Packing and Logistics Data



Packing 0.5 l PET
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Packing 1.5 l PET
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