Čerínska natural mineral water

For centuries created a source of mineral water Čerínska mineral water springs in the area Zvolen heights in an environment free of industrial and agricultural activities, which guarantee its high quality and crystal purity

Čerínska mineral water belongs to the medium-mineralized waters with a balanced ratio of minerals. Its chemical composition is suitable for every day drinking regime for all ages of consumers.

Čerínska mineral water is suitable for people with digestive problems, has a diuretic character and may be consumed by people with cardio - vascular diseases.


Čerínska natural mineral water carbonated is filled into PET-material bottles – 0,33 l PET; 0,5 l PET; 1,5 l PET
Čerínska mineral water water can be found in all chain Hypermarkets and Supermarkets such as TESCO STORES, KAUFLAND, CARREFOUR, HYPERNOVA, BILLA etc.

Chemical Composition



Cations mg/l
Ca2+ 365,5
K+ 4,95
Mg2+ 68,5
NA+ 27,8
Fe2+ 0
Free CO2 2 134,00
Total CO2 min. 3 500,00
Total mineralization 2 017,00
Anions mg/l
Cl- 6,28
F- 0,13
SO2-4 3,1
HCO-3 1533,5
NO-3 1,30
NO 2 0

Information for download



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Packing and Logistics Data



Packing 0.5 l PET
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Packing 1.5 l PET
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